Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tug of the Day #1: Justine McAllister

My first installment of "Tug of the Day" features McAllister Towing and Transportation's Justine McAllister.

The Justine is a frequent flier and common sight on the Hudson River pushing or pulling RTC120 up to the Port of Albany.  Built in 1982 at the Jakobson Shipyard in Oyster Bay, NY, she sports an elevating wheelhouse capable of raising her height of eye to 45 feet.

But she looked anything but common on Sunday.  I could not believe my eyes when she appeared around the north end of Middle Ground Flats at Hudson in a somewhat unusual configuration escorting an empty barge downriver from Albany.  

She pushed the barge, attached alongside the tug--or at the hip--stern first because it handles better that way. Here she is approaching Walkway Over the Hudson.  Note that her wheelhouse in the elevated position affords the mate better visibility over the barge.

Bathed in sunlight and viewed from a lower vantage point, the Justine with her wheelhouse slightly raised, cruises northbound in Lange Rack near Poughkeepsie during the golden hour late last summer.

And here she is with her wheelhouse lowered towing RTC120 southbound through Walkway Over the Hudson's shadow (December 2011).

More information about the Justine McAllister is here at tugboatinformation.com:

All photos Jeff Anzevino c2013

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