Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Hawser, Line and, Wire are Golden

The US Coast Guard has announced that on Thursday February 21, three 65-foot harbor tugs, Hawser, Line, and Wire, will run from the Saugerties Coast Guard Station on Esopus Creek to Walkway Over the Hudson connecting Poughkeepsie and Highland.  They are expected at 1PM at Walkway where they will congregate in celebration of 50 years of service providing safety, security and maritime mobility to New York, New Jersey and Hudson River waterways.  A Coast Guard Petty Officer will be on Walkway to help the public understand the Coast Guard's role on the Hudson River and associated waterways.

Hawser and Line are stationed at Bayonne, NJ; Wire is stationed at Saugerties, NY. Vessels in this class of 65-foot harbor tugs were built between 1962 and 1967 and are deployed on the east coast between Maine and Virginia.  They are named after deck fittings and associated gear.  Others are named Bollard, Cleat, Chock, Tackle, etc.  

I expect to spot and photograph the vessels from Saugerties on south and then I'll be on Walkway at 1PM.  Please join me on Walkway Over the Hudson to express our appreciation to the US Coast Guard for the tremendous service they provide our river and our communities.




Fore more information about the US Coast Guard's 65-foot harbor tugs visit:

All photos by Jeff Anzevino c2013 All Rights Reserved


  1. when did you shoot these, Jeff? huh--they ALL have expanded their cabins aft. The stack must keep them warm like a chimney in the center of the room...but it must be tight inside.

  2. Sharp eye, Bowsprite; I had not noticed. here are the dates of the photos:
    Line 2/21/09
    Wire 1/26/13
    Hawser 2/9/13

    Thanks for the introduction to Erik. Looking forward to chasing these cool tugs later this morning. I also arranged a tour on a 140' Bay Class Cutter on Tuesday. Psyched!